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Tee Box Yardage

Championship 400yards
Back 375yards
Middle 359yards
Senior 312yards
Forward 307yards
Front 275yards

A short par 4 where pin placement is important to consider. Take a look at the pin placement that day to determine where you should hit your tee shot. If the pin is tucked behind one of the bunkers on the right or left you can aim your tee shot to have more access to the pin.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 564yards
Back 554yards
Middle 490yards
Senior 437yards
Forward 384yards
Front 305yards

Hole #2 tee’s shot is ideal down the right side of the fairway. This will give you a chance to reach the green in two shots. If not, the pines on your left block your second shot which then lay up to 100 yards out. Don’t forget to grab enough club to reach this elevated green.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 209yards
Back 184yards
Middle 164yards
Senior 140yards
Forward 119yards
Front 72yards

The key on hole #3 is to not miss the green to the left. Bunkers guard the left side of the green and with the green sloping left to right makes it a very difficult up and down for par.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 361yards
Back 341yards
Middle 331yards
Senior 304yards
Forward 280yards
Front 229yards

A short par 4 that gives you a birdie opportunity with a good drive. Hard woods line a narrow fly which block you out if you hit into them off the tee.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 467yards
Back 451yards
Middle 399yards
Senior 345yards
Forward 322yards
Front 262yards

One of the most challenging par 4’s on the course, the tee shot favored to the right will help take out of play a very deep green side bunker that is on the left.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 144yards
Back 138yards
Middle 118yards
Senior 106yards
Forward 93yards
Front 93yards

The shortest par 3 on the course has three well placed bunkers that will test your club selection. Players should be thinking birdie on this hole.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 376yards
Back 363yards
Middle 343yards
Senior 330yards
Forward 261yards
Front 221yards

Club selection on the tee is very important when playing hole #7. It’s a risk/reward with the driver. Many play an iron off the tee to avoid the hard woods that make it very tricky to get out of if you hit into them.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 483yards
Back 483yards
Middle 455yards
Senior 419yards
Forward 383yards
Front 328yards

This dogleg right has water both on the left and right. There is a bail out area to the right that will shorten the hole some but the pond is in play on that second shot. Remember, its uphill and normally into the prevailing westerly wind so consider that when approaching the green.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 470yards
Back 408yards
Middle 386yards
Senior 357yards
Forward 324yards
Front 271yards

What makes #9 challenging is the bunkers and apple trees that line the right side of the hole along with out of bounds to the left. Again, wind is normally a factor as you are hitting into it which may make you consider clubbing up.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 412yards
Back 378yards
Middle 364yards
Senior 314yards
Forward 307yards
Front 282yards

Similar to hole #1 the par 4 10th is a short hole that golfers can take advantage of. Keep an eye on the pin placement and avoid the bunkers down the right and left side.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 416yards
Back 396yards
Middle 363yards
Senior 313yards
Forward 290yards
Front 224yards

With a pond and a beautiful oak tree that is by the green, the tee shot here should favor the right side of the freeway. A two tiered green is protected by the biggest bunker on the golf course. Missing to the right in the rough will still give you a good angle at the green.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 164yards
Back 152yards
Middle 140yards
Senior 131yards
Forward 117yards
Front 117yards

Hole #12 has a big bunker on the right that can be tricky to get up and down if you end up in it. A lot of golfers come up short on this hole so make sure you chose the correct club.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 360yards
Back 354yards
Middle 309yards
Senior 301yards
Forward 250yards
Front 221yards

Another one of those risk reward tee shots. If you hit driver you can end up with a wedge in your hands but with a pond on the left and a creek to the right the safe choice is to hit an iron safely out into the fairway.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 497yards
Back 486yards
Middle 475yards
Senior 410yards
Forward 342yards
Front 319yards

With the tee shot here aim for the middle of the fairway and try to get past the oak tree on the corner of the dogleg. This will give you the tough decision of whether to to lay up or try to go to the green in two. Remember the hole really narrows from 100 yards in and with a lot of trees that comes in play.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 244yards
Back 216yards
Middle 189yards
Senior 153yards
Forward 142yards
Front 99yards

The hardest par 3 at Candlestone starts with what some consider the four toughest finishing holes in West Michigan. This has a small elevated green that has a ridge on the right that makes chipping onto the green difficult. A missed shot here leaves you scrambling for a par.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 571yards
Back 546yards
Middle 476yards
Senior 379yards
Forward 371yards
Front 272yards

A tee shot to the right rough will give a look at the green on this dogleg left. Otherwise with a blind second shot you could end up in one of the three green side bunkers. Make sure you are on the right tier with your approach shot if you happen to lay up.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 464yards
Back 424yards
Middle 416yards
Senior 363yards
Forward 321yards
Front 227yards

This hole looks straight forward from the tee but don’t let the length fool you. The second shot is uphill and typically into the wind so you will need to go up a club or two to ensure you make it to the green.


Tee Box Yardage

Championship 414yards
Back 406yards
Middle 396yards
Senior 369yards
Forward 327yards
Front 245yards

Picking a point on this dogleg right is key to this tee shot. Most golfers aim at the “V” that is created by the pines or corner of the dogleg. Stay out of the pines or you will be chipping back out into the fairway and struggling to make par.

Candlestone Scorecard Hole Data

Candlestone Scorecard Course Information

Tee Box Yardage

Championship 7016yards
Back 6655yards
Middle 6173yards
Senior 5483yards
Forward 4940yards
Front 4062yards

Course Rating

Championship 75.3rating
Back 73.0rating
Middle 70.7rating
Senior 67.3rating
Forward 69.8rating
Front 63.6rating

Slope Rating

Championship 138rating
Back 136rating
Middle 133rating
Senior 130rating
Forward 126rating
Front 113rating

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